Wednesday, September 21, 2011


So today I leave the house for an hour and a half to return and find that my boxer broke out of the basement and DESTROYED my house.  Now I am sure that most of you are wondering why he was in the basement and not his kennel so let me start there.  Yesterday when I got home from bringing the hubby lunch I went to take the dogs out and there was BLOOD all over my walls floor and dresser of my spare bedroom, any guess of why?  The dog has shaken his head so hard that he busted his ear open!!!!  I flipped.  My husband had to come home and help me to get it to stop. Disaster I tell you, so now that my wall and things where clean I didn't want to put him back in the kennel till they were more healed, So I figured basement..the door locks why not.  So I did, I put him in the basement only to walk in and find he had opened the door and had things torn everywhere.  I just collapsed and started crying.  I had him posted on BOOKOO to find him a better home already now I am to the point where I just want to pay someone to take him!  I am so stressed and so tired of this dog!  He was such a good dog when we first got him, such a little baby, so sweet and not that my husband has gotten off con leave and gone back to work he act like he was never trained!  I am so against the pound but right now I am ready to bring him there!


  1. Ahh, that sounds crazy!! He seemed like such a sweetheart. It sounds like he's more of an outside doggie.

  2. yeah he as turned to one. So I hope that he finds a better home soon, then NO MORE DANG DOGS LOL

  3. Oh my sweet niece... Dont have children! Lol!